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TLT Campus Partners

Teaching & Learning Technologies provides numerous services for faculty and students engaged in online learning experiences. These services include video production, A/V equipment, the CANVAS online learning management system, and assisting faculty who are developing online classes. We also coordinate with other divisions when colleges and departments seek additional funding sources for course development (UOnline) or wish to install A/V Teaching Technology in learning spaces.  TLT works in conjunction with many other groups on campus who help us supply the University community with all they need to create and manage engaged learning experiences.  Listed here are important partners you may wish to contact directly for your teaching and learning needs.

Most people are very familiar with traditional on-campus teaching and learning interactions. However, the University of Utah has a priority initiative in place to offer many programs of study and certifications as a fully online experience. This initiative is named UOnline. UOnline maintains a centralized website to inform faculty and students about available programs of study, certifications, tuition and fees, financial aid, admissions, and cross-institutional credit authorizations.

Go to UOnline websiteGo to UOnline Website

Connect with the UOnline OfficeConnect with the UOnline Office

  UOnline Main Office LocationUOnline Main Office
             Sterling Sill Center
             195 South Central Campus Drive
             Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Call UOnline 801-581-7200Call UOnline Office at 801-581-7200

The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE) serves all faculty (including auxiliary and adjuncts) as well as graduate student instructors at the University of Utah. CTLE provides numerous services and programs dedicated to improving teaching and learning at the University. These include teaching resources, course preparation, lesson planning, activities & assignments, technology in the classroom, the Annual Teaching Symposium, the Faculty Bootcamp, evaluation and consultation services, and much more. Before embarking on building an online course, faculty often engage with CTLE to help prepare themselves.

Go to Website for CTLEGo to Website for CTLE: Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

CTLE Teaching Resources Pages in CanvasCTLE Teaching Resource Pages in Canvas

Request a CTLE ServiceRequest a CTLE Service

Email CTLE scf@ctle.utah.eduEmail:

  CTLE Contact InformationCTLE at the Faculty Center
             Marriott Library-Room 1705
             295 South 1500 East
             Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone CTLE 801-581-7597Phone CTLE at 801-581-7597

The Center for Disability Services is dedicated to students with disabilities by providing the opportunity for success and equal access at the University of Utah.  The Center is committed to providing reasonable accommodations as outlined by Federal and State laws, while striving to create an inclusive, safe and respectful environment. The Center for Disability Services is the designated office at the University of Utah which evaluates disability documentation, determines eligibility, and implements reasonable accommodations for enrolled students. Assistance is provided to faculty and staff regarding accommodations, deaf services, and video captioning at student request.

Go to Website for Center for Disability ServicesWebsite for Center for Disability Services

Email Disability Services info@disability.utah.eduEmail:

  Contact Information for Center for Disability ServicesCenter for Disability Services (CDS)
             Olpin Student Union Bldg-Room 162
             200 South Central Campus Drive
             Salt Lake City, UT 84112-9107

Phone Center for Disability Services 801-581-5020Phone Center for Disability Services 801-581-5020

Request Video CaptioningRequest Video Captioning
              Chris Green

The Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) provides students with a transformative undergraduate experience as students transition from high school to the University:

  • integrate General Education and coursework before the major
  • obtain advising, support, and advocacy
  • gain signature experiences from global education, to community service, to research opportunities

UGS helps to maintain coursework for general education and degree requirements, assists students, establishes new degree programs, and provides administrative support for many centers, colleges, and programs.

Go to Website for UGS: Office of Undergraduate StudiesGo to Website for the Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS)

Email UGS: info@ugs.utah.eduEmail:

  Contact Information for the Office of Undergraduate StudiesOffice of Undergraduate Studies (UGS)
             Sterling Sill Center-Room 110
             195 South Central Campus Drive
             Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone UGS 801-581-3811Phone UGS at 801-581-3811

University Information Technology (UIT) oversees many of the University of Utah's most critical common resources, including:

  • campus network
  • wireless access points for UConnect and UGuest
  • Umail
  • Canvas course delivery and learning management system
  • a host of other systems and applications.

UIT strives to provide stable, dependable, secure access for students, faculty, staff, and researchers. In addition to managing these important services, UIT also works with other departments across the University to ensure each area has the resources it needs to fulfill their academic, creative endeavor, administrative, and research missions.

Go to the Website for UITGo to the Website for UIT: University of Utah IT

Go to the Website for the CIOGo to the Website for the CIO: Chief Information Officer for University of Utah IT (includes IT Governance information)

Email UIT Help Desk helpdesk@utah.eduUIT Help Desk Email Support:

UIT Help Desk Phone Support 801-581-4000-option 1UIT Help Desk Phone Support: 801-581-4000-option 1

Review list of UIT DivisionsReview List of UIT Divisions

Go to the UIT Service CatalogGo to the UIT Service Catalog (Knowledge Articles & Order Services)

Continuing Education & Community Engagement  (CECE) at the University of Utah inspires a love of learning through innovative, educational experiences for all ages and people. CECE offers credit, noncredit, and professional courses in a wide range of topics, from art to recreation to languages to technology to cooking. The department includes Academic Programs (credit and noncredit), Distance Learning, the English Language Institute, Go Learn, Lifelong Learning, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Professional Education, Technology Education, Test Preparation, and Youth Education. Classes are offered on the main University of Utah campus, at off-campus sites in Sandy, St. George, and at locations around the Wasatch front and back. Whether you're a student, working professional, stay-at-home parent, non-native English speaker, pre-schooler, baby boomer, or just looking to learn something new, Continuing Education & Community Engagement offers educational experiences for everyone.

Go to Website for Continuing Education & Community EngagementGo to Website for Continuing Education & Community Engagement (CECE)

Submit form to request information from CESubmit Form to Request Information from CECE

Review locations of CE Classrooms OfferingsReview CECE Locations & Offerings

  Contact Information for Continuing EducationContinuing Education & Community Engagement (CECE)
             Annex-Room 1185
             1901 E. South Central Campus Drive
             Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone Continuing Education 801-581-6461Phone Continuing Education & Community Engagement at 801-581-6461


Last Updated: 2/24/17